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Sergio Lombardi is specialized in tax and legal consultancy and compliance for rentalpreneurs, hotels and travel experience hosts. Law and tax reforms, involving Tourism business in Italy, are frequent and complex: Sergio Lombardi and Taxbnb team are dedicated to interpret the most impacting acts and support investors in their activities in tourism industry.

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Sergio Lombardi, Taxbnb founder, is registered as Chartered Accountant, Tax Auditor and Labour Consultant. He is the President of  Tourism Commission at Rome Chartered Accountants Board (ODCEC Roma) and formerly member of Local Taxes and Labour Law Commissions. Following his career in Ernst&Young, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Accenture and Deloitte, Sergio supports landlords, property managers and hosts with tax and legal consultancy. Sergio contributes with his tax articles for Italian main tourism and business newspapers and magazines, including Ipsoa, Giuffrè, Il Sole 24 Ore and Italia Oggi. Sergio attends regularly international tourist fairs and events with his speeches, interpreting tax reforms of tourism legislations. Sergio has been recently appointed as Tax Expert by Italian Property Managers Association, representing some 150 companies and 22,000 rented apartments. Taxbnb, founded by Sergio and Mikaela Hillerstrom, is surely in Italy and in Europe one of the few law firms exclusively dedicated to short term vacation rental, travel experience and hotels taxation and legal aspects. Taxbnb mission is legality, so hundreds of rentalpreneurs are currently supported by Taxbnb on their tax and legal compliance. Our customers include landlords associations and international major property managers

SERGIO LOMBARDI AT SHORT STAY WEEK  I thank HOST B2B for confirming once more me as a speaker for third year in their annual event, this year named SHORT STAY WEEK. I'll be joining the show on November 22nd at 4:00 p.m. My speech's details are coming soon....
MY SPEECH AT TOURISM RENAISSANCE My speech at Tourism Renaissance 2021, the online interactive conference and exhibition by Tourism World Summit
Sergio lombardi at tourism renaissance On March 26th 2021, Sergio Lombardi will be attending as speaker Tourism Renaissance, the online interactive conference and exhibition by Tourism World Summit
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MY NEWEST ARTICLE AT IL SOLE 24 ORE My article at Econopoly, the Economics blog of Il Sole 24 Ore, the business newspaper most famous in Italy has received over 100,000 visualizations
Enjoy it:
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SERGIO LOMBARDI SPEAKER at HOST conference in LONDon I am pleased to announce: I will be attending as speaker HOST CONFERENCE in London, the biggest event dedicated to the rentalpreneur and holiday rental community. My speech will be dedicated to Italian tourism legislation peculiarities (risks and opportunities) for Property Managers and other investors to Italy.  

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Sergio Lombardi at bto in florence Sergio Lombardi will be attending BTO Buy Tourism Online in Florence as speaker
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